10 Advertising Words to Avoid in 2009

My latest copywriting article was published on Entrepreneur.com yesterday.  This article talks about 10 Advertising Words to Avoid in 2009

While the article is written with an eye to marketing in 2009, the list is actually an evergreen one, meaning most of the words on the list are words that you should always try to avoid in your copywriting.  For example, words like “that” and “really” are just a waste of space when it comes to copywriting.  That’s true anytime, not just in 2009.

You can read the full article here

What do you think?  What words do you hope to never see in advertising again?

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    I think business owners should reconsider the word “SALE” , I see it on every door and window of the businesses in Denver now, and that simply means people will quit seeing it. I found myself more interested in the stores that didn’t have a SALE going on. The worn out words, ontime, guarantee, low prices, etc, are just table stakes now (the price to get into the game). Businesses that thrive in this recession are going to have to do better than “SALE” We really like your word by the way!

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