30-Minute Social Media Marketing Free Bonus Chapter Second Edition

30-Minute Social Media Marketing Bonus Chapter Second EditionWant to get a free 30-day social media marketing jumpstart plan? That’s exactly what’s included in the exclusive bonus chapter from my book, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing, and an updated second edition is now available.

The free chapter (which is not in the book) includes daily tasks so you can get your social media presence up and running effectively and start moving toward reaching your goals in one month.

Just click the link (or the image) to read the free bonus chapter of 30-Minute Social Media Marketing right now.

If you have a copy of 30-Minute Social Media Marketing, you’ll find references to the chapters that correspond with each task throughout the 30-Day Social Media Marketing Challenge bonus chapter, so it’s easy to get details, tips, and help when you need it.


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