5 Rules You Can Break in Your Marketing Messages

marketing messages rules break copywriting

Rules were made to be broken! Those famous last words have led to the downfall of countless businesses and people, but when it comes to creating your marketing messages, you can break a lot of rules and actually get better results. In fact, if you're not breaking some grammar rules, you're probably not getting the best results---not even close. Why is breaking some … [Read more...]

4 Rights of Marketing

4 rights of marketing

The secret of marketing success can be explained in just 14 words which are the 4 Rights of Marketing. No matter what marketing initiative you're pursuing, the 4 Rights of Marketing are critical considerations and components. They're the foundation of marketing and without them, your marketing investments have very little chance of driving the results you want and … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing 2015 – How Did We Get Here?

social media marketing 2015

I'm often asked how and why social media marketing become so important. Believe it or not, social media marketing isn't revolutionary. It's evolutionary. In other words, social media marketing was born of a natural progression in communications that began with the introduction of the internet. Let's take a closer look at how social media marketing became what it is today---a … [Read more...]

Don’t Make Customers Connect the Dots in Your Copywriting

copywriting connect dots

Your customers are busy. Don't make them play connect the dots when they see or hear your ads, read your content, and so on. They won't do it. Instead, they'll move on to another brand that will give them the information they want or need (even if they don't know they want or need it), and they'll never think about your brand again. You should never assume that consumers … [Read more...]

Must-Try Social Media and Productivity Tools

must try social media and productivity tools

I'm not an early adopter of new tools. I hear the buzz, but don't feel compelled to be the first person to try a new tool just for the sake of trying it. I need to be convinced that the tool will actually be useful to me rather than a huge waste of time. I'm envious of people who can try every new tool they hear about---how do they find the time? It's a secret I'm not privy … [Read more...]