Must-Try Social Media and Productivity Tools

must try social media and productivity tools

I'm not an early adopter of new tools. I hear the buzz, but don't feel compelled to be the first person to try a new tool just for the sake of trying it. I need to be convinced that the tool will actually be useful to me rather than a huge waste of time. I'm envious of people who can try every new tool they hear about---how do they find the time? It's a secret I'm not privy … [Read more...]

Write Better Marketing Messages by Thinking Like a Journalist

marketing messages journalist

While copywriting is very different from journalism, the research behind the process is very similar. Before you begin writing copy, you need to understand your goals and the benefits of your products in order to create a compelling, actionable message. For example, don't just use your own opinion to identify the best features and benefits of your product. Those features and … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Quantify Your Differentiators

quantify differentiators

If you can quantify the differences between your product and your competitors' products, you've hit the jackpot. For example, if your competitor only offers a one-year guarantee on its product, but you offer a five-year guarantee, shout it to the world in your copy! Gather Your Quantifiable Evidence To quantify your differentiators, you first need to gather your data. Nothing … [Read more...]

Which Comes First in Marketing – Words or Design?

marketing words design

Ask a copywriter which comes first---words or design. Next, ask a graphic designer or web designer which comes first---words or design. Don't be surprised if you get two different answers. In general (because there are always exceptions), your words should come first and design second. That's because your copy is your message. While a design might capture your target … [Read more...]

Are You Breaking the First Tenet of Marketing?

best practices sign

The first tenet of marketing applies to all aspects of marketing---from copywriting to branding and everything else you can think of. It's a simple rule, but it's amazing how many businesses and marketers break it every day. The first tenet of marketing says that your business, product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers' needs. In … [Read more...]