Are You Breaking the First Tenet of Marketing?

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best practices signThe first tenet of marketing applies to all aspects of marketing—from copywriting to branding and everything else you can think of. It’s a simple rule, but it’s amazing how many businesses and marketers break it every day.

The first tenet of marketing says that your business, product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers’ needs.

In other words, no one cares about you. All they care about is how your business, brand, product, or service can help them, make their lives easier, make their lives better, and so on. They want to know that when they buy from you, their needs will be met.

You can learn more about the first tenet of marketing and how it applies to your business and marketing efforts in my new article published on LinkedIn: The #1, Absolute, Most Important Rule of Marketing.

Break this rule at your own risk!

How to Build Your Small Business Brand with Social Media

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How to Build Your Small Business Brand with Social Media

Recently, I was invited to appear in a podcast for Kimco Realty about using social media to build small business brands.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

During the interview, we covered a lot of topics related to branding and social media marketing. In just over 23 minutes, we discussed everything from optimizing your social media presence to leveraging social media to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations.

Here is a list of some highlights from the interview:

  • How small business owners can decide if they should build their personal brands or business brands on social media
  • Which social media sites small business owners should start engaging on first
  • How to optimize company Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles
  • Why it is so important to provide value to consumers on social media
  • How to use social media to drive foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar business location
  • How to avoid common mistakes that small businesses make on social media that can hurt their customer relationships
  • How small businesses can advance their social media marketing efforts today

Follow the link above to listen to the complete interview.

Starting a Blog with Susan Gunelius and the British Library

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Starting a Blog with Susan Gunelius and the British Library

How do you create a blog? What should you do first when you’re starting a blog to leverage as a tool for social media marketing and content marketing? How do you use your blog for marketing purposes effectively? How do you increase traffic? Why do you need a blog for your business?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my book, Blogging All-in-One For Dummies. I spoke with Dr. Stephen Fear, Entrepreneur in Residence for the British Library (the national library of the United Kingdom), about starting a blog, Blogging All-in-One for Dummies, and more in a recent interview, which you can watch in the video below.

To learn more about blogging and starting a blog to build your brand and business, I offer a lot of free information online as the Blogging Expert for


Leading in a Social World – Free Webinar Led by Susan Gunelius

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webinarToday, I will be leading a webinar called Leading in a Social World as part of a free 4-day virtual event, The Leadership Summit, hosted by MACRO Recruitment.

In my lecture, which is schedule for 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time on March 10, 2014, I’ll discuss how the leadership role in business has changed at the hands of the social web and how to develop a company culture that turns employees into your most powerful social media brand advocates. Following is a summary of what I’ll talk about during the webinar.

Leading in a Social World

The days of pushing marketing messages out to consumers and crossing your fingers that they’ll work are over. Today, marketers operate in a demand society where consumers constantly pull information from the internet and their social media connections to make purchase decisions. The best leaders understand the power of the social web in driving word-of-mouth marketing and building online brand reputations. However, they’re ignoring their most valuable asset and missing opportunities to harness that power. Their employees remain their most untapped marketing resource.

If your employees don’t believe in your brand and publicly advocate it, why should consumers?

Rather than working in silos and servicing customers in isolation, the 21st century world of open and instant communication (thanks to the social web) requires that leaders develop a network management style by giving up some control and personalizing their brands (through their employees) in a highly connected and extremely flexible, people-centric organization.

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to develop a company culture that fosters brand advocacy, how to develop guidelines that empower employees to become vocal brand advocates, and how to leverage that company culture and your brand promise to build an online reputation that consumers trust.

Today, companies are held accountable in front of a global audience. Through user-generated content, everyone is a pundit, an expert, and a consumer, and ensuring your company has a reputation management disaster recovery plan is just a small part of setting your company up for success. Leaders who understand that there is more emotion in business today than ever and who embrace the personalization of brands, products, and services through social media engagement will thrive. Learn how to do it for your company and team before now and you’ll get a significant competitive advantage.

Attend The Leadership Summit and Hear from 20 of the World’s Top Leadership Experts

Following are details about each of the lectures that will be held during the free event. You can get the complete schedule here, but keep in mind, all times on the schedule are listed in Australia’s time zone. Be sure to do the time conversion to your local time zone, so you don’t miss the lectures you’re most interested in!

Leading in a Social World
Susan Gunelius explains how the leadership role in business has changed at the hands of the social web and how to develop a company culture that turns employees into your most powerful brand advocates.

Be A STAR” – 5 Secret Insights to being the Driver of Positive Change for You, Your People & Your Organization
Betska K-Burr explains how you can become a confident indispensable instrument of positive change in the workplace.

Overcoming an Imperfect Boss How to Build a Better Relationship With Your Boss
Karin Hurt explains how frustrating it can be when leaders fall short of your expectations. She shares how you can achieve a better relationship with your boss.

Personal Business: How to Market You and Your Business in the Digital Age
Andrew Ford explains how marketing has changed over the past 15 years and how businesses now have to rely on recommendations and get creative with advertising their products.

Awakening the Spirit of Enterprise
Jan Polak explains how business is changing and how you can integrate success, fulfilment, joy and productivity into your workplace.

Beyond Diversity – Integrated Woman Leadership for the 21st Century
Bea Benkova writes explains women in the corporate and entrepreneurial world and how they are not in the workplace to irritate or substitute men but rather to help bring leadership of teams and organizations.

Invite Change – Turn Chaos Into Clarity
Lisa Murray explains how you can turn change from something that is feared into a door of possibility opening wider than experienced before.

The Facilitative Leader: the Art of Creating High Performance Spaces
Warwick Cavell explains the facilitative leader and how they know how to influence and to be in control without the need to be in control.

What if Nobody Worked for You?
Jonathan Raymond explains leadership and how your employees don’t work for you but for themselves. He shares how to change this to benefit your business.

Increase Your Bottom Line, Get the Relationship Right and the Rest Will Follow
Teresa Hetherington explains relationships in the workplace and how most people leave organizations due to bad relationships with bosses or colleagues. She discusses that soft skills are required to build more positive relationships.

What if Your Hidden or Unused IQ Became Gold in Your Hand?
Dr Ellen Weber explains workplace creativity and how it may need to be re-energized in the workplace. She discusses practical tools from the neuro roots that awaken workplace well-being or tank productivity.

How to Influence, Motivate and Get the Best Out of Your Staff
Maureen Pound explains how you can support your staff to do a great job but also free up your time.

Leadership in the Real World – Down-to-Earth, Practical Things to do to Make Your Team Perform Better
Jon Dale explains leadership in today’s workplace and what he has learned in the past 20 years that can benefit all employers.

Does Your Business Culture Attract And Keep Good People?
Wayne Dyson writes about leading effectively in the workplace and how you can lift employee engagement, reduce errors and recoup time and do it stress-free!

Register now and you can attend every session in the webinar for free!

How to Blog to Build Your Business and Brand Class – Tickets Now Available

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Impactful Blogging Facebook Cover PhotoKeySplash Creative President & CEO Susan Gunelius is leading a seminar in Altamonte Springs, Florida (just minutes from Orlando) on February 21st called Impactful Blogging that will teach you how to leverage blogging to effectively build your brand and your business.

Even if you’re not planning to be in Central Florida on February 21st, it’s the perfect time and place for a quick trip. It’s warm here!

Susan the author of Blogging All-in-One for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress, Google Blogger for Dummies, and numerous other popular books about marketing, branding, and social media (you can find them all on Amazon or in any bookstore). Susan is also Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, an award-winning blog for women in business.

In this 2-hour session, you’ll get strategic insights from a blogging and marketing expert, and leave with a clear action plan to turn your blog into a sales tool. For just $50 for your ticket, which can be purchased through Eventbrite, you’ll learn:

  • Why blogging is a strategic imperative for all businesses (including yours)
  • How to write a blog people want to read
  • How to leverage your blog for effective content marketing and social media marketing purposes
  • How to drive traffic to your blog
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to leverage your blog to raise brand awareness and build a band of brand advocates that lead to business growth
  • And much more

Tickets will not be sold at the door. You must show your ticket at the door to enter, so don’t forget to bring it! Visit the event Facebook Page for more details and conversations. 

Click here to buy your ticket now!

The First Tenet of Copywriting (and Marketing)

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copywritingIt’s hard to build your brand and your business if you don’t understand how consumers think. The first step to successfully marketing your business and creating compelling messages that motivate people to purchase your products or services is to understand the first tenet of copywriting (and marketing):

Your product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers’ needs.

Taking the first tenet of copywriting and marketing further, never forget this:

No one cares about you. They care about how your product or service can help them or make their lives easier or better.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your product is if it doesn’t benefit consumers in some way. It’s the copywriter’s job to craft messages that amplify real consumer needs or create perceived needs in consumers’ minds.

It doesn’t matter how proud you are of your membership in the local Chamber of Commerce. Consumers only care about that membership if you can translate it into a message that directly benefits them in some way.

Think of it this way—copywriting is not as much about what you say as how you say it. A talented and experienced copywriter knows the difference and can turn your business’ membership in the local Chamber of Commerce into a compelling benefit that consumers perceive as being imperative in the brand or company that they choose to buy from.

Great Copywriting Is More Than Words

The writing process is actually just a small fraction of the steps necessary to produce effective copy. Great copy is the outcome of a clear understanding of the benefits your product or service delivers to consumers, its differentiators from your competition, the emotional triggers of your customers, and more. In fact, it’s the research, organization, and thought process that happen before pen touches paper that truly dictates copywriting success.

In short, not every writer is a copywriter. It’s a unique form of writing that requires a deep understanding of marketing theory, combined with real-world experience. Your first step to ensuring your marketing messages are as effective as possible is to understand the first tenet of copywriting, and remember that what you think is important about your product and service might not be what is important to consumers.

The recipe for marketing success starts with identifying the right messages, so you can deliver those messages to the right people and at the right time to motivate them to take action. Think about your end goals and prioritize determining why you’re pursuing specific marketing strategies, tactics, and messages first. Your results will be better for it.

How to Go From Social Media Zero to Hero [Infographic]

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KeySplash Creative Social Media Brand Infographic ThumbnailAre you following the 7 Ps of Social Media to build your brand and business?

If you stick to the 7 Ps in all of your social media activities, you’ll be well-positioned to drive results. That’s because the 7 Ps of Social Media are tied directly to brand building.

A powerful brand can survive any micro- or macro-environmental obstacle, so developing your social power is a natural extension of long-term, organic, and sustainable brand growth.

The 7 Ps of Social Media are:

  1. Perception
  2. Predominance
  3. Progression
  4. Proof
  5. Prevalence
  6. Prominence
  7. Power

Take a look at the infographic below for all of the details. The information in the infographic came from my books, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing for Dummies.

Keep in mind, achieving social media success means different things to different people. Don’t measure success by number of followers or influence scores. Instead, identify your brand and business goals, and then create a social media strategy that is rooted in the three primary steps of branding and the 7 Ps of Social Media introduced in the infographic. Your progress in meeting those goals is your most important performance metric.

KeySplash Creative Social Media Brand Infographic

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Tim Berry Appears on The Social Marketing Hour with Susan Gunelius

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the social marketing hour guest tim berry

My guest on The Social Marketing Hour with Susan Gunelius this week is business planning and marketing expert Tim Berry. I’ve known Tim for several years (we first met at a conference hosted by where we were both speaking), and he is one of the smartest business people I know.

During the show, Tim discussed:

  • 5 things your business plan must include
  • Identifying the social media sites you should prioritize in your marketing
  • 3 important steps to start building your business’ online reputation
  • How to strategically develop your social media marketing plan
  • Free and affordable tools that you can use to create business plans and efficiently participate in social media marketing

About Tim Berry

Tim Berry is a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and co-founded numerous businesses, including Palo Alto Software,, Borland International, Eugene Social, and He has also written multiple books about business planning and startups, including: The Plan-as-You-Go Business Plan, Business Plan Pro, 3 Weeks to Startup, Sales and Market Forecasting for Entrepreneurs, and Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning. Tim writes about business on his Planning, Startups, Stories blog as well as on the Up and Running blog,  Amex OPEN, the Huffington Post, Small Business Trends, and more.

Listen Now

Just click the play button below to listen and learn from Tim Berry!


The Social Marketing Hour with Susan Gunelius Now Playing

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The-Social-Marketing-Hour-with-Susan-Gunelius-Logo-250pxwI’m very happy to announce that my new online radio show on The Social Network Station is now playing. It’s a weekly show where I’ll interview marketing experts, entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders about everything and anything related to marketing.

The show is called The Social Marketing Hour with Susan Gunelius because all forms of marketing play a role in driving word-of-mouth marketing. In other words, all marketing is social in some way.

The first show was filled with amazing insights from personal branding expert, best-selling author, and founder of Millenial Branding, Dan Schawbel. During the show, Dan shared useful tips and advice about social resumes, personal branding, developing your social proof, and building your business brand.

It’s a fast-paced conversation, and you can listen to it via the player below or by visiting The Social Network Station. Dan’s segments on the show start at the 17:55 mark after my segment with Jim Nico, CEO of The Social Network Station, who discusses the brand strategy for his new online radio station and The Social Network Association.

Susan Gunelius Tops List of Women and Leadership Influencers

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women in leadership interactive influencer map traackrSocial media influence moderation company Traackr created a ranking of the top women and leadership influencers, and KeySplash Creative, Inc. President and CEO Susan Gunelius ranks in first place.

Using its Influencer Network Analysis feature, Traackr identified the people who are leading the online conversation about women and leadership.

The Traackr report includes the top 49 most influential people online who are publishing content, talking about, and engaging with others on topics related to women and leadership.

You can see Susan (and the blog she founded, Women on Business) in the interactive Women and Leadership Influencer Map, which is available on the Traackr website. You can also visit the Traackr blog to learn more about the creation of the map.

women in leadership influence map traackr

Images: Traackr